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Everybody likes to stay in touch with their loved ones while travelling. We know how much our family and friends can worry when we go off exploring the world, so it’s important we make an effort to update them on our actions and whereabouts. However, this can turn out to be very expensive! Nobody wants to be hit with a huge phone bill when they return from their trip, so follow this guide to save money on contacting your loved ones while travelling:

See if Your Provider Offers Any Deals When Travelling

Take a look at the website of your network provider and see if they offer any travel bundles or deals. You can usually buy so many minutes, texts, and data allowance for a set price, which is usually enough to get you through one or two weeks holiday. It’ll work out much cheaper than using your phone as normal while away, even if you have to buy the bundle more than once.

Use a Different Sim

You always have the option of swapping your normal sim (if it’s a contract) for a pay as you go sim. This way, you can put as much money as you’d like to spend on the sim before you go, and then when you run out you’ll know exactly how much you’ve spent. You should be able to top it up again if you need to though. This is a good way of sticking to a budget. Alternatively you could use a service like Cherry Call who provide cheap calls to the UAE and other places.

Which is Cheaper, a Text or Call?

Sometimes you think it’s better to send a text as you only want to send a quick message, however, in most cases it would cost you less to call and relay that information personally. One text could cost you up to a pound, while you could get a good few minutes on the phone for that price, allowing you to go into a bit more detail and ease your loved ones worries with the sound of your voice.

Using the Internet

The internet is a great way to save money contacting your loved ones, if you can find some wi-fi or an internet cafe. You can send messages via Facebook, send emails, or even use Skype to see each other over webcam! Even if you have to pay for using the internet, it could possibly work out cheaper than using your phone to get in touch.

Send a Postcard

Why not send your loved ones a traditional post card? Receiving a postcard from abroad is always exciting, even if it takes forever to get there. You could send one from every destination so the family get a picture in their heads of the beautiful places you’ve seen.

The methods above will definitely save you some money when it comes to contacting your loved ones, so don’t hesitate to try them out next time you’re out of the country!



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