What to do with a Photo Booth? – Click Now

The photobooth has been a mainstay of our society for over a decade. The only time you have ever really needed to use it is for a passport or driving licence application. That is until now.

Ever since photobooths were made available in supermarket, shopping centres and motorway services, individuals, couples and groups of friends have used it to take the most unusual and funny photos that they possible could.

This started entrepreneurial minds ticking over, as well as the minds of party organisers and wedding planners (including the Bride). What would be more novel than getting a photobooth to a party, hen do or wedding reception?

 The answer is a photobooth, which can be hired out to wedding planners and party organisers, together with silly hats, fake moustaches and inflatable toys. They are all there for the amusement of others.

 If you are a party organiser, or wedding planner, and like your gadgets, then there are a few things that you should consider if you want to rent a photo booth for whatever the occasion.

 What you should consider if you are renting a photo booth:

 If you are looking to rent a photobooth, for whatever the occasion, then they come recommended by thousands of party goers, you just need to ensure that you have everything that ticks the right boxes for your attendees.


 First thing to consider is the shape and size of the photo booth. You can choose from the very traditional (think along the lines of the supermarket, shopping centre and motorway services) to a more modern booth. These modern booths can be a lot bigger than the traditional model. However, most will have the black curtain you draw across to keep the light in and natural light out.

 Forget about those grainy photos of the last decade, all new Photo Booths incorporate the highest quality digital photography. With this comes the ability to share your memories via social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc) and you can also have them printed off.

 The Experience

 If you are looking to hire a photobooth then look for providers that will tailor their package to meet your individual requirements. Every function is different, and will have a different set of party goers as well as a different atmosphere.

 To enhance your experience look out for what is included within your photobooth package; what add on’s or extras are included? Is the photobooth going to be attended throughout the function? How long have you got the equipment for?

 All of these things are aimed at enhancing your photobooth experience. The extras; hats, blow up toys, moustaches etc. The attendant; protecting others as well as the equipment itself. Duration; time for everyone to have a go in the photobooth during the function.

 Hiring a photobooth is not just a fad, a new toy for functions or something retro to show off. Photobooths are something to be enjoyed and memories created for everyone. So book yours today!