A good IT company is worth its weight in gold

Good IT

Businesses need IT systems to function. A reliable and secure IT system allows a company to improve productivity and concentrate on doing what they do best generate revenue. However a bad system that is unreliable causes more headaches than its worth and can lead to both frustration and lost income.

Typically all of our data is held on either on-premise or cloud based servers, its when this data is unobtainable that a good IT company comes into their own. Put simply, what would you do if your data was not available temporarily or even indefinitely? The answer doesn’t bare thinking about.

Even a day without your IT infrastructure is costly. If you run a company with 10 employees, then that is 80 hours worth of lost productivity and money down the drain. Based on a conservative hourly rate of £15, thats a wasted £1200 for a single day of downtime.

Finding a pro-active IT support company to manage your network infrastructure is a task that should be as considered as the staff you employ or even your office location. When recruiting a company then references should be asked for, background checks made and searches for reviews made on the web. A good provider should be on top of all things IT, especially new trends and the latest security information.There are many IT companies that fit the bill, one that stands out in particular is support and cloud company Ashgoal, who are London based.

One way of making sure this is achieved is by utilising the offering that cloud computing provides. Typically a modern and established support company may have their own cloud infrastructure, however many are using the Microsoft Azure cloud. Something that has mixed reports on the internet.

Some businesses are reluctant to put all of their eggs in one basket, but typically doing this with a good company can reap rewards across the board. For example a company that provides your Hardware, Software, Infrastructure and telecoms cannot pass the buck on support issues. They simply have to resolve the issue as there is nowhere else to turn. The same applies if the company manages your domain, hosting and email.

As a generalisation, companies that provide all of these services tend to be slightly larger, have better trained staff and greater resources. Those that do not offer this range of services often lose customers as they are not able to fulfill the needs of customers.

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